Why this web page?

We write the year 2022 and this forum was just created – in the time of social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and all the others.

The reasons I decided to create a free carp forum are:

  • social media groups content search is horrible to non-existent
  • social media groups have a way lower standard on answering questions, topics tent to vanish and people behave simply different there
  • discussions are very shallow, they almost never really go into details 
  • repetitive questions – what brings us back to the search features are not made to find information as good as in forum

These are some of my main reasons I created this new forum. I of course can only hope people find it useful and will put content in here. I can’t do this alone, in this case every single one of you matters. 

With all this, I also have to admit that I am an old-schooler, I wasn’t in the scene for about 10 years, came back to it and found it all moved away from forums into the social media world, where only the best picture gets any attention and people tend to be rather short on answers if not rude and ignorant on some topics. Having been a carp forum moderator back in the day (no, I didn’t own it), I can say I have some different experience with forums vs. this new world. 

Further living in various countries, namely Germany and USA, I have insight in various languages and regional communities for carp fishing, the sheer lack of forums and the fact they died saddened me enough to create this page. 

It is privately sponsored and does not rely on any profit or adds. It was built as a platform for everyone that shares this great hobby. There are already some more restricted areas in the forum that can’t be access by simply registering. Gaining access to these areas include some user vetting, to make sure we have now e.g., bow-hunters under us. 

The idea is to even create country specific areas where various languages can be spoken, of course this needs moderators that are able to help out in these areas. Currently I can support English and German. 

Special groups can also get their own sub-forums, so they can collaborate on special topics, restricted to only members they chose. This can be helpful for membership clubs, venous as well as special event planning and others.

As the forum hopefully grows, help will be needed in form of volunteers that will help moderate the forums and keeping it alive.

Feel free to reach out if you have any comments, questions or ideas, this is what this whole forum is about.

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