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Wobbly tripod or tripod stabilization

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Florian Rossmark
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If your tripod is wobbly or you want to additionally stabilize it, there is a very simple trick, this comes especially in handy when you put the tripod up in water and deal with the pressure of any waves.

Use some braided line and two or three 200g / 7oz leads. You can use lighter leads as well, just get some 400g or 14oz total - depending a bit on your tripod and weight of your camera.

Bind them together and hang them in the center of your tripod. They often have a hook there, or just wrap around the head and let it hang down in the center.

You want to add about 30cm or one foot of distance, the lower the leads hang, the better the stabilization effect, of course don't go too low, you won't want to touch the ground. 

There is a little play and error involved, but once you have the optimal balance, you can reuse this over and over again and protect your phone or camera from falling in the water or flipping over to easily even on land. 



Florian Rossmark
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Jeff Bourns
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@frossmark , very good idea!