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Tarp Poles

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There are various carp tackle vendor and other tarps out there.. but all have the same old issue - how to strap the tarp down proper and why do these aluminum tarp poles bent and break constantly..

My solution to this:

Thick telescopic tarp poles that really hold up and withstand some pressure and ankle, the poles have rubber caps on the top so you can press them against the tarp or you remove it and set them in the iron rings that are around the tarp, perfect variability and stability and worth the extra cost. WILDROAD Tarp Poles Tent Poles Canopy Poles 7.7 ft, Telescoping Aluminum Poles with Non-Slip Aluminum Cone Bottom, Portable and Lightweight Camping Gear for Camping and Awnings, Set of 2 : Sports & Outdoors

Tie down rope with ratchets that allow you to easily tie the tarp down and e.g. after a few hours or next day just pull a bit to make sure they still are tied good and compensate the possible stretch. STAYGROW 4-Pack 1/8" Adjustable Rope Hanger, Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie Down Strap with Reinforced Metal Gear, Ratcheting Pulley System Bungee Cord for Hanging Plants Grow Light and Various Tie-Down Uses : Tools & Home Improvement

This turned out to work best for me. I got a high quality tarp in a decent size to get extra shade and be out of the rain besides my bivvy and am very happy with the thicket poles and ratchet tie downs, this made using a tarp a pleasure and is really sturdy.

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