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The website now has an Events Calendar, here forum members can add events like trade shows or tournaments. The whole idea is to use this as a central sharing hub for events related to our beloved hobby.


  • all posted events are publicly available
  • community members can add events
    • you can edit/delete events you added
  • synchronize with your calendar
    • you can synchronize the event calendar with various calendars so you are always up to date
  • list view and calendar view
  • maps feature
    • You will see a Google Maps area with the location of the event
  • event categories
    • expo / trade fair
    • tournament
    • social (non tournament)
    • more if needed, please reach out!
  • Link to event page
    • Any event has the option and should have a link back to the event website, so people can contact the organizer and participate
  • International
    • this is not limited to events in a certain country, add events internationally
  • Carp Angling / Carp Fishing related events only
    • spam will be deleted and can lead to account deactivation

Please feel free to add any event you are aware of, so people know what is available and can plan to attend. Admin

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