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Corn and Tigernuts (Chufa Seeds)

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For tye USA community or visitors, Tigernuts are commonly known as Chufa Seeds in the states.

In general you can find feed corn and tigernuts in bulk at seed stores, corn also at feed stores e.g. deer hunting etc...

For both there is a simple basic method on how to prep them best.

  • Add 1/3 or a bit more (but not much, 1/2 is to much already) in a bucket or container 
  • Add sugar, you can gonpretty high there, like a pound per gallon or about half a kilo per 4 Liter water - this step is optional but helps with fermentation
  • Fill it up with water to the top
  • Let soak for at least 24 hours 
  • Move to a large cooking pod 
  • Bring to boil for 30 to 40 minutes
  • Move back to the bucket 
  • Make sure they or covered by water, if not, add boiling water to top off
  • Let sit for several days

Tigers will build some slime after 5 to 7 days.. this is due to the fermentation process. Sugar speeds this up, without it takes possibly longer.

You don't need them slimy - some prefer it others hate it. Just be aware it might happen.

In either case, both need to be always covered by water. 

There is a possibility that after a while some mold builds on the surface, as long it is only there you are fine, please remove carefully and discard. This is due to some small particles on the surface and the yeast that was build during fermentation. 

You can also prep these without cooking. Two ways:

Add to a large barrel, be aware that gas will build up while the fermentation is in progress, this needs to be able to get out, don't seal to tight. You can always add sugar. Putting the barrel in the sun speeds things up, but garage works as well. Let it soak over weeks and months. Corn should be soft enough before using and Tigers should be fully soaked.

This allows to have huge quantities and can be topped of with more again and again - stir to mix through new and old.. 

Remove any surface mold and always keep enough water on top.

The small might want you to run, but they work. 

Alternative you can use huge plastic bottles with big openings. These you fill to about 1/3 again with dry particles add sugar and if you want a cent like orange, strawberry or even fishy smells.. add water to the top, no air, I even recommend boiling water.. close tight and let sit..

Be aware, they will ferment and gas will build, these will be under high pressure and there is a possibility they blow up so put them in a second container and somewhere where a mess is not the end of your relationship, open carefully on the water, the top might fly better then a cork from a champagne bottle, putting then a few days in the sun can be enough but also prepping them months to years before works.

Particles can be pretty smelly when fully fermented, a pretty sour story, fresher will leave them more sweet.

Either way is proven to work, of course, please be careful when it comes to mold, some buildup in the water surface is not uncommon but anything beyond that is dangerous. 

Site note - do not do this long term with hemp seeds, the oil in them will get rancid and that is contra productive. 

Hope this helps.

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