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Homemade carp glug or carp goo base recipe

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Florian Rossmark
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Goo or Glug is often used with spot mixes or on top of your bait. The basic idea behind it is to enhance the attractivity of your bait with some color (optical) and sent. 

When it comes to optics, do not make the mistake and think the glug will stay on your bait once it hits the water, it actually will dissolve and create a cloud. This cloud will differ by water temperature and movement, keep in mind, even still waters like lakes can have movement. 

For colder waters it can be beneficial to use a thinner base or even alcohol, as it dissolves faster, in general goo works best based on glycerin most of the year. 

Starting with a basic mix this is what you need:

  • plant based glycerin
  • food coloring (powder or liquid)
  • flavor extract / emulsion
    • extract is alcohol based
    • emulsion is glycerin based
  • thickener 
    • flour
    • corn flour (not corn meal or corn starch)

You likely find most to all of these in the baking section of your grocery store. As for beginners, I would recommend something simple like strawberry or orange flavors.

Use a cup that you can mess up - e.g., party plastic cup - fill it 2/3 up with glycerin, add your flavor in and stir well - add slowly till you reach the strength you are after (keep in mind, this will dissolve in water anyways). 

Now add the thickener - but be careful not to go to crazy to quick. Glycerin especially makes the process slower, and it might take a few hours to see the end-result. For 2/3 of a cup, I would go with two or three tablespoons of flour to start with. Mix it in well.

Finally, it's time to add the coloring, simply because the thickener will influence the color anyways. Go slow, very little goes long ways. Stir thoroughly and add more color till you reached your expected color.

It is beneficial to fill this into dispenser bottle, so probably get some of them as well.

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Add this to your spot mix, ground bait, on top of your method mix ball, leave your hook bait soaking in it etc... 

Good luck and tight lines!

Florian Rossmark
Germany / USA - Carp Angler

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Jeff Bourns
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@frossmark  Thanks for the recipe. Definitely making this come Spring!

Jeff Bourns
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This goo is awesome stuff. Catch rate on it has improved.

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