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[Sticky] Tips and Trick on how to use the forum

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Here are some tips and tricks on how to use the forum.

  • Subscribe to forums and topics
    • Subscriptions send you emails on new topics and/or answers to topics 
    • Forum Menu - My Profile - Subscriptions
      • This allows you to subscribe to any new topics in any forum you want
    • Answering to a topic
      • Checkbox "Subscribe to this topic" 
  • Access restricted areas
    • There are some special forums and e.g. the private map in hidden areas in this forum. As a new member, you need to contact a forum admin in order to gain access to these areas.
    • Why are they locked down? Simply because we want to make sure that only serious carp anglers will have access to this information, so we keep information about fishing spots etc. to only vetted members. Admin

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