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Florian Rossmark
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Well, you can link your Instagram account on your forum profile, so there is no need to mention it here, though you can.

I wanted to share some special accounts here.. one that is rather unknown, a German underwater fish fotographer.. he dives with a single breath and takes amazing pictures.. as far i know his story he does that cause with diving gear you scare the fish away.

He does not fish, he only loves to take pictures of fish. Now it stands out that he has a lot of carp in his gallery, according to him all fish have individual characters and behaviors, carp especially according him (as far as I know). 

Check it out, he even brought out a carp calendar, not sure if he would ship over here though.

Feel free to add more accounts on this topic or new threads.


Florian Rossmark
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Awesome. I just subscribed to his account. I was thinking of someone else that had a similar account. If I find it I'll post it too