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Starting this as a sticky topic - please feel free to add any recipes you have and cooking ideas. Issues we face are often we do only have minimal options for cooling, so ingredients often are limited - does not mean you can't post anything that needs cooled ingredients, the idea is to have a lot of recipes that we can share - stuff that is easy to do or not - to fill you up good on longer session that demand a lot of energy, are easy to do and not to time consuming - and for the extremes also these time-consuming 5 star 15 rounds menus done with the New Direction Tackle Stoven and who knows what.

Some of my simple go to meals that always work:

  • Canned Chilie 
    • Only heat it up and you are good, high in protein and some carbs - fills you up quick and the sound of the beans later on will not get you kicked out (hopefully)
  • Chicken or Beef and Veggie Stew
    • Ingredients
      • One can of fully cooked beef or chicken meat 
      • One can of mixed vegetables 
    • Add both in a pot and heat up, high in protein, some starchy carbs and basic vitamins that you need, the sodium (keep it low) will help you keep hydrated as well - even on hot days a good basic meal that is on the more healthy side and only needs minimal time/work.
  • Potatoes and Eggs
    • Ingredients
      • 1 - 2 Potatoes
      • 3 - 5 Eggs
      • Oil (e.g. Avocado oil / oil spray)
      • Salt / Peper / Paprica / Cumin (whole or ground)
    • Slice and dice the potatoes - smaller pieces cook faster
      • fry with some oil till done / you can poke/smash them
      • season as desired, I like some cumin on them, for taste and digestion
      • put on plate
    • Fry the desired amount of eggs
      • seasons as desired
      • put the eggs over the potatoes
    • Enjoy - high on protein, some fat and carbs from the potatoes - perfect breakfast and the potatoes last a bit even in heat 
  • Pancakes / Crepes
    • Ingredients
      • Flour or ready mix
      • Milk / Almond-Milk or Oat-Milk (needs less cooling then cow-milk) 
      • Fruit Jelly / Sugar / Salt / Spread e.g. Chocolate etc.. / even meat or veggies work
      • Oil to fry
    • Mix flour and milk until you have good consistency - more liquid works for crepes more solid for thicker pancakes - a shaker is optimal for mixing, but a fork and a cup will do as well (I drink protein shakes, so I have my shaker with me)
    • Fry on both sides - out there you can attempt to flip them even without worrying to much about the mess you might do
    • Enjoy pure or with a topping of your choice
    • Extra tip
      • If you do more than you can eat - they are good to eat cold, but you can also add them to any broth or soup - just slice em in thin stripes, desired length - add them to soup or broth and heat up. 

Add recipes that you can recommend / like!



Florian Rossmark
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