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Repairing / mending my fish landing net

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Getting holes in especially your landing nets is pretty common. They rub on stones, wood, fish fins, lead, hooks, tree brunches - you name it.

Mending your net is essential, as we put fish care on the top of our list and priorities. A hole in your net can get the fish hurt, especially the sharp back fins might get stuck, but others as well. 

Of course, the net does not have to have holes in the main body, for me it always was mainly at the tips of the spreader poles where I get holes. Over my years, I mended them countless times. 

When you do so, make sure you try to keep fish care in mind. These nets are knotless, while it might not be possible to avoid knots at all while mending your net, try to keep them as small as possible and soft as possible. 

It is up to your good judgment to figure out if a net needs replacement or can be fixed for the time being.

Today I only had to fix yet another hole on the tip of the spreader arms. It took only a few minutes and will hopefully last again quite a while. There are nets out there, that are reinforced in that area, might be something to pay more attention myself next time.

Additionally, I always try to have a spare net with me, nothing worse than having a good fish on but a broken net. If you don't have a spare, you might be able to use a retention sling, but alone that's going to be all but easy.

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